How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

Curb Appeal located in Belleville, Ontario specializes in cleaning windows: ground level storefronts; one, two, and three story office buildings; restaurants; banks; churches; schools; and homes. They also offer Gutter Cleaning and will be clearly seen as the best and most respected window cleaning company in the city. In this blog, we talk about cleaning windows!

How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

It’s a great question. However, to give an objective answer to this question, one has to analyze their specific conditions and the environment they live in. If you live close to a busy road, the gasses and heavy elements will build up much faster than on the windows of a person living close to a park.

First of all, think about a frequency of rain in your area, all sources of pollution (both natural and human-caused).

Secondly, just observe how fast your windows attract dirt. You might take a notice of how often people on your street wash their windows.

Thirdly, re-consider your cleaning solutions. Nowadays, it is easy to fall in love with all those beautiful packagings and promises to gift you with the most beautiful sparkling windows. But the truth is that you don’t need all those chemicals (for the cases of mediocre pollution levels in the area). Just follow our recipe for shiny window cleaning.

Finding an answer to the three points above will give you the perfect timing according to your specific needs.

For highly polluted areas, it might be once or even twice per week. For windows in the most households, the golden ratio might be once or twice a month, depending on how close is the sea, forest, sources of sand, industrial dust and other dirt factors. If you live in a perfectly balanced environment, your windows might enjoy bi-monthly cleaning. The point here is not to leave them on their own for more than 3 months.

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